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Buda, TXFix it or replace it? - That is the most common dilemma that folks face when dealing with a problematic HVAC system.  The simple rule of the thumb is to repair it if the system is under 15 years old, sometimes, even up to 20 years.  Our techs can give you professional advice based on the historical records of the major brands of air conditioners.  Bottom line, we'll suggest what we believe is in your best interest and then you decide.  One thing to keep in mind is even if it is your intention to sell the property just remember an inspector will point out any concerns to a potential buyer - point here is, if you think it your home needs a new system and the old one is past it's life expectancy you may be better off with a replacement.  Again, we'll give you the best options based on what we discover.

Buda, TX is found in Hays County and it's home to around 7,343 people. It's part of the Austin, Round Rock, and San Marcos metro area, and is also home to many unique, quaint shops along Main Street. Buda is known as a "commuter town," having many people who live there and drive to work each day in Austin. It's a great suburb to live and raise a family, and it has many special festivals and events throughout the year, including the Buda Wiener Dog Races every April.

Being so close to Austin, this is a popular place to live. As a homeowner here, you need to be doing everything that you can to keep your property looking great, and this includes making sure that your air conditioner is in good condition each spring and summer. Doing so can help to prevent a lot of serious problems on some of the hottest days of the year. Prevention is always better than "cure," some will say. So, making sure that you are getting your AC tuned up at least once a year is one of the best things you can do to prevent unwanted breakdowns.

However, even with the best care and attention, sometimes problems can arise, and this is when you will need the help of a trusted, experienced, and reliable ac repair contractor serving your town. That is exactly what you will get with us and our team of experts. We have been serving the area for years now, and you have likely seen our trucks in your neighborhood. Folks trust us, and we are honest when it comes to diagnostic, repair, and replacement work.

As mentioned above, it is important to properly maintain your air conditioner to help with preventing problems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, below is a list of things you can do on your own to make sure that your system is running as efficiently as possible:

1. Air conditioner filters: it is important for you to change your AC filter every couple of months, and ideally, you should be changing it every month. Clogged, dirty, and dusty air filters block regular air flow through your AC system and prevent it from being able to cool your home efficiently. When this happens, the filter can also let dirt particles pass through and this gets into the air that you and your family breathe. This can cause a lot of health problems, including allergies.

It has been proven that a clogged air filter can lower your AC's efficiency by 5-15%. This will add up over time, and you may notice that you have much higher than normal energy bills each month. With most central air conditioners, the air filter can be found somewhere along the ducts.

2. Air conditioner coils: Over time, the coils in your cooling system will have dust build up on them. However, make note that when you have a clean air filter, this problem is lessened in severity since there isn't as much dirt and dust that can pass through. However, the coil is still going to collect dust, and this is why it is so important to schedule regular AC tune ups to get the unit checked out and cleaned thoroughly each year. This can help to prevent a lot of unnecessary breakdowns each spring and summer. Things that cause dirt and dust to build up include: dryer vents, falling leaves, and lawn mower clippings being thrown toward the unit.

3. Coil fins: these fins can be bent and they will block air flow through the coil. There are special "combs" that can be purchased that will help to push the fins back into the shape they need to be. If this is not something you are comfortable with doing on your own, a professional HVAC tech will be able to assist you.

To learn more about maintaining your cooling system, or to make an appointment for repair or replacement work, please feel free to give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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